Les Rallizes Dénudés "Naked Dizastar" 3CD [Univive] 
Les Rallizes Dénudés "End of Heavy Groove" 2CD [Univive]—"Naked Dizastar" is a comp of tracks from shows that might not have been all-the-way killer enough for a complete Dick's Picks-style release. Here are the fabulous parts minus the burnt ends. Even the stuff from the 1980s is good. Rallizes with sax? I'm still listening..."End of Heavy Groove" is two shows from that greatest of Rallizes years 197666. There's an almost Dead-like version of "導きの天使" [Angel of Guidance] on here that that's so far-freaking out that I'm going to take it with me! Note to interested parties: for these releases [and last year's "Wild Trips" 5CD set] Univive pressed glass packed master CDs NOT CDRS. 

Takayanagi Masayuki New Direction for the Arts "Complete 'La Grima'" CD [Doubt Music]—Have you ever thought about spending $900 on a record? I have and it contained about six minutes of this CD. Happily the "Genya" 2LP was reissued on CD and my reputation for having almost Canadian-like common sense is intact. Also check out Tiliqua's reissue of Takayanagi's mandatory "Independence: Tread on Sure Ground."