v/a "Aundergroun Vibrations!:Spanish Psych and Beyond 1970-1975" LP [Hundergrum Records] v/a "Aundergroun Vibrations Vol. 2:Psychedelic Hard Rock from Spain 1970-1978" [Hundergrum Records] LP—There's nothing better in record world than a comp that fills you in on a zone you never knew existed—we're talking classics like "V-Lips," "Prae-Kraut Pandemonium" and "Exploiting Plastic Inevitable." Thanks to those I know about stuff like Sound of Imker and Los Sirex not to mention Novak's Kapelle! These Spanish comps are full of some great lost psych stuff that manages to bridge the gap between heavy and exploito really well. That reminds me—I need to buy "Kraut-Bloody-Rageous!"