Jean-Pierre Massiera "Midnight Massiera" LP [Finders Keepers]—This new comp encapsulates everything that is great about the Massiera oeuvre. You've got the yeye, the disco, the exploitation and weird prog/psych stuff. You could say he was like Joe Meek but in terms of freakitude he is more like Kim Fowley with a love for science fiction erotica. 

Faust "C'est Com...Com...Compliqué" LP [Bureau B]—Faust in French. A little subdued. I kind of want to check out the NWW collaboration but the art on that makes this look like it's on K. 

Super Vacations s/t [SHDWPLY]—Besides "Psychic Powerless Another Man's Sac" and the Four Levels of Existence this is about as close as you're going to get to sounding like a band on International Artists—and these guys aren't even from Texas. And it's more of a surfy Red Crayola than 13th Floor Elevators just to quell the hypes. 

RFTO Bandwagon "Dums Will Survive" LP [Dull Knife]—There's a comfiness here that I can't describe. Is it the killer title or the dude on the front who looks like my biology teacher. The falling apart at the seams folk / pop sounding first side should be heard before you get to the opus "Dumbs Will Survive" which dominates side two. Some have said it's a Sunday morning coffee with the VU record. OK—but it's also a separating your receipts at 2:46 am while determining whether or not you need to snap another Aderol in half or take the whole thing. I just want to clarify that. 

Music Go Music [Secretly Canadian]—I was telling someone about Clout—the all girl South African Abba and that person told me about these guys. If these people are bringing back this and coke I guess the beaver shots of my youth aren't far behind. "Reach Out" in particular has this awesome Scorpions like guitar breakdown before the Eurodisco returns. 

V/A "One Nation Under a Grave—mixed by Andy Votel" CD [Fat City Recordings]—I'm just weirded out by all these people who are into the ridiculoso rare hard rock stuff. Back before anyone thought to say how heavy it all was they were comedy records. Now that every Eastern European rock record with hairy guys and big Magnum mustaches might be good it's nice to have an editor because it's not all Yu Grupa. It's nice that someone is cutting this up in a non lame plunderphonics way for lots of people to enjoy. 

Boredoms "Boa Drum 77" 2CD + DVD Book [Commons]—I love that part in Stripes where Harold Ramis is like "Black guys help the white guys." Seriously this must have been something to see. What's up with the guy wearing that lime green suit? 

Zeitkratzer & Keiji Haino "Electronics" CD [Zeitkratzer Records]—Whoa! Imagine buying a CD with Keiji Haino on it and there not being a picture of him anywhere on it. I know! Oddly this looks like a Burzum album but if it were grant rocked by Credite Suisse or something. The chains and industrialness of it remind me of Haino's solo album "Nijiumu" which soulds like slammed doors and chains and people from Chicago mumbling something about Dickie Peterson's voice. Extraneous? Probably. 

Ursula Bogner "Recordings 1969-1988" LP Faitiche]—Sure the story about Dr. Bogner probably isn't true—the visit to Organon, meeting her son on a flight to Vilnius et al—but this is an entertaining listen and if that's what had to be done to get people to listen to this then let's commend the label for excellent marketing. Sounds great on 45 too.