My life just got like 1000% better this week. I learned how to cut mangoes and the sleep timer on the TV remote was explained to me. Who knew? 

Rubinho e Mauro Assumpção "Perfeitamente, Justamente Quando Cheguei" CD [Discos Mariposa]—Brazilian country tinged psychedelic. Look for the cover with two guys crawling out of a tree like they just saw a mapinguari or something. 

Raminghi "...Il lungo cammino del Raminghi" CD [M2U Records]—The cover of this is something else. Imagine a drawing by a young girl of a pretty girl's face with not too much of a whoosh of fantasy so it's good but...weird. Add to this a few animals hanging around her face. Look who's not fighting: a long billed white bird, a macaw, a rabbit or some undetermined rodent and a chimp! While this definitely has early / amateurish prog moves it comes off as more of a psych record and it includes one of my all time favorite jams "Buio Mondo Nero e Giallo" a song that combines the genius of Kim Fowley's "Stranger from the Sky" with something in between the Blackbirds and Sound of Imker. 

Eroc "Eroc" CD [Brain]—Have you ever wondered what it would be like to eat ice cream in space? Excellent solo album by Grobschnitt drummer. It runs the gamut from liquid synth pop gold a la Harmonia and NEU! to haunted Nordic waltzes that fans of Björn Olsson would tongue clean the floor to hear. And the bonus tracks! Both "Chaotic Reaction" and "Teenage Love '69" are as good or better than anything on the original album. A real pleasant surprise considering the 1976 release date.