3/3 s/t 2CD [P-Vine]—3/3 aka Sanban no san are the pre-Friction group who made a test pressing in the early 70s to see if they could get a label deal in Japan. Didn't happen so two of the guys went to NYC and lucked into the nascent no-wave scene and then trucked back to Japan to make some sort of OK major label punk records. This stuff is excellent and let's just say "thank you" to Shadoks for pushing this into the consciousness of the world and making this expanded legit reissue a reality. It's a weird mix of punk sounding hard rock along the lines of Hendrix, the Afflicted Man with some Velvet-y type moments as well. 

Aaron Dilloway "Infinite Lucifer" one-sided LP [Hanson]—When dropping the needle on this I was hoping that it just wasn't Bobby's stuff looped and twiddled and it's not. Aaron's spectre is all over this making it far darker than I was expecting it to be. Too bad it's not a sunny day and I can't spill these sounds on those who walk my street. 

Les Rallizes Dénudés "Are You Rallizesed?" 2CD [Ignuitas] 
Les Rallizes Dénudés "Mizutani 2 with Association Love Songs 3CD [Univive]—Let's get a couple of things out of the way. "Are You Rallizesed?" is hands down one of the ugliest CDs I have ever purchased / owned. I don't know why but Photoshop in the wrong hands can just be so freaking brutal. When are people going to realize that computers are not psychedelic tools? At least with Grateful Dead tapes all you had to contend with was bad handwriting. And the music? Not that compelling a set if you ask me and there's too much compression. "Mizutani 2 with Association Love Songs" has been sold as a reissue of the Mizutani CD from 1992 and that's not the case. All but one of those tracks was from 1970 and largely acoustic and this selection of similar material from 1973-75 has more of an "On the Beach" style intensity and guitar tone. Disc 2 is a different source of the 2CDr boot "December's Black Children" from 1980. I like this condensed version better and if you are a fan you know they always needed editing. Disc 3 is allegedly demo recordings from 1976. The high points are an improvisation with a synth and some tracks have some new wavey horns that pep everything up in a non-annoying way. That said, I hereby pledge my loyalty to Univive releases from here on out.