Royal Trux "Sweet Sixteen" CD [Charisma]—This is a great allbum. I've said it before and I'll say it again the current gush of great weird music [not that kind!] is due to Royal Trux. Sure there are other bands out there who said they fed and pet the puppy but that's not really what it was really about—and this CD proves it. 

Les Rallizes Dénudés "Mars Studio 1980" 4CD [Univive]—Univive's first release and now repressed as a real CD. At this point the band added a second guitar player—the "legendary" Yamaguchi Fuji of the Dynamites and Murahachibu—and went in the studio and re-worked their sound into a slower more turgid sound with nods to Doug Yule era VU. Yamaguchi totally works too even though his sound is more like some variant of early 70s Rolling Stones. There is also a heavy Dylan vibe here too. The 19:24 version of "Enter the Mirror" has these Leslie organ parts that really make the whole thing come together and make you think that Al Kooper was there.