Lebenten Toten "Death Culture Deprivation" 8" [Overthrow Records]—More psychedelic genius from what has to be Portland's best and most underground group. GISM meets Hawkwind. 

Sic Alps "Strawberry Guillotine" 7" [Woodsist]—Still one of the best groups around. Can't wait to hear that elusive 12"... 

Snares "Sabbath Dubs" 10" [Kriss Records]—I was told this was a "pretty cool novelty record." It's actually an awesome novelty record. Perhaps a second volume is coming—I'd like to hear "Hole in the Sky" done up this way. 

Only Ones "Darkness & Light: The Complete BBC Recordings" 2CD [Hux]—I cannot get enough of these guys. Name the band that turned the break from "Miles From Nowhere" into a career. 

Ray Russell "Secret Asylum" CD [Reel Recordings]—If you like free jazz guitar LPs like "Monkey Pokie Boo" and "Independence: Tread on Sure Ground" then you should go out and get this right now. Russell's an amazing player who is more rock sounding than Sharrock and Takayanagi but in the context of this kind of record I always thought that was an asset. Check out Moikai's "Live at the ICA/Retrospective" 2CD as well. 

Suzy Shaw and Mick Farren "Bomp! Saving the World One Record at a Time" book [AMMO] 
Paul Drummond "Eye Mind: The Saga of Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators, the Pioneers of Psychedelic Sound" book [Process] 
Isis Aquarian with Electricity Aquarian "The Source: The Untold Story of Father Yod, Ya Ho Wha 13 and the 
Source Family" book [Process]—It's been a rough couple of years trying to find decent reading material about rock'n'roll. These are great and leave no stone unturned. Suzy Shaw mentions the boxes of cookies and a great story about James Williamson, the Elevators book is beyond detailed and the Ya Ho Wha book reveals all including some stuff you'd think they'd have avoided as it seems the Koolaid tastes good. I guess these will suffice until somebody tazers Blastitude and Siltblog back into regular activity.