Thomas Dinger "Für Mich" LP [Telefunken]—My NEU! revisits now include La Düsseldorf albums, this and if I'm not careful I might start listening to Klaus' "Neondian." 

Sun City Girls "Funeral Machete" LP [Abduction]—It seems like the cards are turned over here and you get big kisses to the Residents, Morricone and Don Cherry. It's growing on me. 

Purling Hiss "Hissteria" LP [Ritchie Records]—The Vice piece on Birds of Maya cracked me up about how they play music and sometimes it's in front of other people. Michael is obviously the most social member or the one with the fewest kids. I heard he has another one coming out in a week or so. 

Wolfgang Voigt "Freiland Geduld Remix" 12" [Profan] 

Dadawah "Peace and Love" [Wild Flower]—Somebody said this was like an OM album and they're not wrong. One of 2010's best reissues. 

Circle Pit "Bruised Constellations" LP [Siltbreeze]—I wasn't aware of that band Screaming Trees so much so there were all these things that I was able to enjoy because of it. If someone tells you about the early 90s just ignore them because they're eventually going to chew your ear off talking about the Jesus Lizard or Pavement or something. 

Autre ne Veut s/t LP [Olde English Spelling Bee]—When I was in Junior High there was a always a girl and a guy that were really super into Prince but that doesn't even tell you how much into Price they were because they were more into Prince then you would think possible. These guys are really into something like this but I don't want to know what it is because I want to enjoy listening to the LP.