I recently went to a store and bought a bag of rubber bands and some refrigerator magnets. The soundtrack to my twilight years: 

Les Rallizes Dénudés "DoubleHeads Live" 6CD [Univive]—Subtitled "Legendary Live Yaneura Shibuya, Tokyo 1980-1981" is a real CD repressing of "Double Heads" and "Black Rainbow." These recordings feature Yamaguchi Fujio [ex-Murahachibu] on second guitar and the slowed way the fuck down rhythmically awkward versions of the six songs they have seriously constitute one of the higher peaks of the Rallizes alps. 

Tropa Macaca "Marfim" LP [Ruby Red]—Amazing keyboard/guitar duo from Portugal. Pounding boxy reverb-coated shapes bounce in ways that reminds me of being trapped in Berzerk [the video game] on a humid night—like Wolf Eyes' "Dead Hills" and something like the Wabi Sabi LP on a-musik. Don't let the 300 copy pressing prevent you from getting a copy. 

Kousokuya "Echoes from Deep Underground" CD+DVD [Archive]—I still can't really get over the fact that people who get all nutty koo-koo for Japanese underground psychedelic music don't like Kousokuya. They are a far more extreme group than Fushitsusha but also more "rock" based and gin-fueled. Kaneko Jutok is someone I am really happy to say I have seen perform live and is one of the only guitar players that you can call atonal and not mean distorted. And check out the drummer on the DVD—a pure madman! 

Glass Candy "Miss Broadway" 12" [Italians Do It Better]—You know the joke about the guy who always puts Funkadelic on at a party? Check this out—girls like it too! An amazing record. 

Factums "Alien Native" LP [Siltbreeze] 
xNo BBQx "Sunshine of Your Love" LP [Siltbreeze] —I have lots of records to listen to and I have lots of Netflix that don't get watched too. I love it when it's a foreign film and you can play a record and read subtitles. The Factums got me through a good part of "Andrei Rublev" and so did xNo BBQx. I actually listened to xNo BBQx on both 33 and 45 and not only did both work but they helped me make it through the picture. 

Selda s/t LP [Finders Keepers]—I knew these guys were onto something back when Fat City released the "FindersKeepers" comp and now they take crate digging to a new not for sampling level. While I wasn't too impressed with the Selda CD on World Psychedelia this is as exceptional a listen as you're ever going to have. What if they discovered Selda back in 1986 instead of Ofra Haza? It's a plausible alternate reality. 

Group Inerane :Music of Niger: Guitars from Agadez" LP [Subliminal Sounds]—More killer African guitar jams from Tuareg nomads who were given electric guitars by Qadhafi. In mono! 

Panda Bear "Person Pitch" [Paw Tracks]—You know how Faust said "We Love the Beach Boys"? Imagine a record like that instead of one based on the first four bars of "Do it Again." 

Madlib "Beat Conducta Vol. 4: India" LP+7" [Stones Throw] 

Cut Chemist featuring Hymnal "What's the Altitude" 12" [A Stabel Sound] 

DJ Vadim featuring Zion "Got to Rock" 12"[BBE]