Shit and Shine "229 2299 Girls Against Shit" 2LP [Riot Season]—At times I've needed to employ a kid in case I get into something and need to be told it sounds like June of 44 and yet I make fun of people who listen to Puddle of Mud instead of Black Sabbath. If somebody's going to tell me that Shit and Shine are really Strangulated Beatoffs or Butthole Surfers I guess I couldn't fault them—I mean Paul Morley would get it—but the big problem with the whole new hardrockmetaldoom thing is that—and excuse me for sounding like Vince Neil here but what happened to fucking fun? 

Kim Fowley "One Man's Garbage" LP [Norton] 
"Another Man's Gold" LP [Norton]—Kim Fowley is like that guy who would make up a story about a guy who cried tears of espresso but instead of making everyone believe it he turned it into a joke and made it a part of life via a record. These two volumes contain this kind of thing from the years 1959 to 1969 and are also filled with a lot of great words from the man. Tell him you read the liner notes while sitting on the toilet with the door open and the jams blaring. I bet he's love it. 

Spacemen 3 / Wooden Shjips 7" [Great Pop Supplement]—"I Believe It" is a great slithering slowed down Shjips song that sounds like it was recorded at 3 am with Hawkwind roadies holding the band up.