Retolt Mandala "SF Munou Koukyoubutsu" CDR [Subjective Spirit Sound]—Greatest noise / rock / scum / collage album released in recent memory. On the always excellent SSS label who seem to have supplied many of the bands on PSF's Tokyo Flash Back 6 and if that isn't saying something then I don't know what is. 

Lexie Mountain / Lichens split LP [Hoss Records]—The Lichens side is good but it's all about the Lexie Mountain side as far as I'm concerned. Is it just me or is there anyone else out there who thinks that "Fire" by Arthur Brown craps out after the whole "I am the God of Hell Fire!" intro? Well about three minutes into this record Lexie Mountain goes back and rights the wrongs of the Crazy World of Arthur Brown and just lays it all the fuck out with dubbed laffs, requests for more heckling in the monitors and this whole fucked up comedy / noise show vibe that has to be heard to be believed.