Les Rallizes Dénudés "Neu Product Era" 4CD [Univive] 
v/a "OZ Days Live" 2CD [OZ]—I have finally heard sides one and two of "OZ Days Live." Did my life change? Nope. Not at all. If you were performing under the name Acid Seven then you better have something more intense to bring to the table than a freaking Beatles cover. Misato Minami who has a solo album with Mizutani on it is a little better but if I wanted to listen to Bob Dylan then I'd listen to Bob Dylan...OK the great stuff that everyone already knows about is still great and sounds even better. Once I had heard the Les Rallizes Dénudés tracks from "OZ Days Live" I for some reason thought that "Live 77" must be the apex of the group's long history. I was wrong. The 1987 studio and live recordings here are great. The studio stuff in particular has a wonderfully lazy shambolic quality to it sort of like a more traditionally psychedelic Chrome. 

v/a "Kraut-Bloody-Rageous!" CD [BK]—Bomp! mailorder had this and since they have that convenient and honest option of first class mail I ordered it and another CD. Worth it alone for more Staff Carpenborg & the Electric Corona—which I heard is available now too. I don't even care if a couple of these tracks are made up!