v/a - Cherrystones Word [TUQ1001]

Remember all those rock magazines with covers proclaiming that "rock is dead!"? Remember that girl at the party who told you that the guitar was "played out" and "too limited?" Thankfully there are people in this world like Mr. Cherrystones who patiently waited to rock a psychedelic block party from London to NYC with his new compilation Cherrystones Word. 
Reflecting his punk rock roots, but coming out at a hip-hop angle with an astounding knowledge of music and a native intuition of how to tear shit up in clubs, Cherrystones is the sound of psychedelia-soundtracks-folk-rock-prog-noise-moog-and-library-records. 
Cherrystones is also an excavator of exciting, seemingly unfamiliar genres. Many heavy sounds that are held in high regard now were first uncovered on his previous compilations Cherrystones Rocks (Lo Recordings) and Hidden Charms. 
Cherrystones is a music lover first and foremost, who happens to be a beat-digger par excellence. His compilations have a beautiful flow like a radio transmission from planet dada. This personal-journey-by-DJ is genuinely disarming as he uncovers track after track that thrills through being dusted down for fresh consumption, from the Led Zeppelin-esque qualities of Dead Moon to the crazed, Dylan-like The Deviants. What could be more of an accidental tribute (as this was put together before his sad passing) to the late, great Arthur Lee than the Midnight Circus? 
Comps are two-a-penny, but none are as solid or brimful of soul as this. 

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