Zomes s/t [192319209111]
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A lot of people mention the "L" word when talking (or whispering) about Asa Osborne. It's not Lungfish we're talking about here (he was their guitar player), but rather "Levine," as in Keith Levine. It seems Mr. Osborne witnessed a fight with Keith Levine as one of the combatants. Levine subsequently lost a tooth and--this is the strange part--Osborne grabbed it and has used the tooth as a guitar pick ever since. Weird.  Zomes' self-titled album is full of beautiful Seesselberg-sized chunks of loop-like melodies that effervesce while Osborne brings them to life. There is a cinematic quality to the material here that recalls "library music," East German Indianerfilmen soundtracks, and even Blues Control at their most humid.

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