White/Lichens - s/t [5645]

White/Lichens is the collaboration between Matt Clark and Jeremy Lemos' heavy guitar drone group White/Light and Robert Lowe's Lichens, who adds his voice, guitar and piano. While White/Light's name was inspired by the Velvets' feedback-drenched "White Light/White Heat," they also claim as influences Earth 2, Fripp and Eno, and the guitar solo on the title track from Maggot Brain. 

The album's five tracks are named after demons from the Goetia, evoked and compelled into obedience by King Solomon, contained in a bronze vessel that was sealed with magic symbols. As a result, the music is alight with giant, pulsating fire storms of oceanic sound and shorter pieces that are the sonic equivalent to opening cans containing mechanical dreams. There is a magic to these sounds that surely goes back to that first electronic musician in Egypt over 2,000 years ago. The tools might be different but the spectacular results are the same.

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