Onna - s/t [7763/TUQ002]
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Underground cartoonist Keizo Miyanishi left behind one of the greatest documents from the 1980s. Self-released on his own Cupid & Psyche label, the single contains two songs, "Cortigiana dal velo" and "Mune o tutunde," which pair guitars and bass over some of the most tripped-out drum programming of all time. This psychedelic masterpiece ranks alongside the first White Stains 7-inch as one of the all-time greatest from the era. There is an outtake from these sessions, "Haha nareba koso," which is just as amazing, and the three songs would fit in a Terminal Boredom discussion about acid punk classics from Crawling Chaos to Chrome.  In 2007, Onna reappeared and released a double-CDR with his partner, dancer Barae. A track appeared on PSF's Tokyo Flashback 6, and the label also released an album titled Katawa in 2008. In addition to the studio material from the 7-inch, this CD includes two outtakes from Katawa, a solo piece from an obscure cassette release, and four live tracks from 1983 featuring a young Michio Kurihara (White Heaven, Ghost, Boris) on second guitar. These are the first Kurihara recordings and come from a long-deleted double live Onna CD released in the early 1990s. This CD is packaged in a mini-LP sleeve with a booklet reproducing flyers, photos and posters from the era. Miyanishi and Onna have made significant but largely unnoticed contributions to the Japanese underground. Hopefully this release will vastly expand their profile worldwide.

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