Virginia Trance - Your Guru [VT001]

Virginia Trance lays roots deep into the soil of the earth. That is to say, the songs on this debut record show Scott Ryan Davis grounded in a classic pop/folk rock mindset bringing to mind acts such as The Dream Syndicate, Flamin' Groovies, and Tom Petty. The sound is a soft departure from Scott's previous work at the helm of hazy art-rock project Images and a yearlong tenure with renowned mind rockers Psychic Ills. The astral gazing and third eye textures aren't completely lost and are left linger- ing throughout. The sound captured on this record is wholeheartedly its own, emitting an energy akin to reading Leaves of Grass. 

The A-Side, Your Guru, has a sorta "Tuesday's Gone" / "Whiskey Woman" flavor. It is a moody, laid back affair, with guitars smooth and vibrant, bass thumping, and hypnotic vocals that are damn sincere. In the end the tune burns out with a dazed solo somewhat redolent of Neil Young. Turning to the flip side, Something In the Air, is more reminiscent of Scott's previous work with an intriguing interplay of guitars and bass that has a language all its own. 

The music was recorded at the former Brooklyn DIY space Big Snow, mixed by Psychic Ills' Tres Warren, & mastered by underground veteran Matt 'MV' Valentine with care.

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