Eden Express - Que Amors Que [7929]
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Eden Express is a trio comprised of Kip Uhlhorn (Cloudland Canyon), Kelly Uhlhorn, and John David Lovelace. Their debut is a lush, tropical album formed by a decadent love of drink, the non-erotic possibilities of equestrian ownership, and a finely tuned sense of the dark supernatural side of things. It's like castle rock with warm, white sand beaches!  While most groups form to play together with recording an eventual if somewhat unnecessary goal, Eden Express was formed to record this album first and to become a band second. That they so wildly succeed is a testament to the magic used and manipulated here. The witchy beauty of Eden Express recalls Pan y Regalis, Charlie and Esdor, and early tropicalia albums. Pour yourself and a friend some cocktails, sit by the pool, and try to become lucid as your bare, tanned forearms grow beyond 17 feet long.

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