Tropa Macaca "Fiteiras Suadas" LP [Qbico]—I love this band. Eighties style video game sounds slowed down enough to sound like bricks scraping against other bricks. People are saying this this is the weirdest record on Qbico. Do they mean the color of the vinyl? Mine's this washed out blue that I've only seen on Volvos from the Seventies. 

Little Joy s/t LP [Rough Trade]—If I were a rock star or some weird Harold Robbins-type hedonist I would blow it going "tropo" as soon as I could. Did anyone see that thing in the food section last week—and this was everywhere—about those guys who braided two pounds of bacon around one and a half pounds of Italian sausage then then grilled it? Imagine that in the hands of a vegetarian. I wanted some slummed down rock with a Brazilian flavor minus the new metal. Instead I got the soundtrack to white people reading about how to make food.