Aquarius on Devil Worshipper

Aquarius Records on Devil Worshipper

DEVIL WORSHIPPER s/t (Holy Mountain) lp 15.98 
Ok, sometimes it's true: a cool name, cool logo, and cool cover art DO mean the music is gonna be cool too. At least that's case with Holy Mountain's latest release, the debut from Devil Worshipper, which is a throbbing pounding distorted beast of black-and-chrome motorpsycho bad trippage. Imploding with droning druggy vocal chant, wild unhinged psychedelic guitar soloing, doomy riffs and propulsive hynorock percussion, yeah, this is everything we could have hoped for based on the name & cover, a trance-inducing 'cycle ride into darkness and devil worship. But, there's more... it's not all pedal to the metal Mainliner mainlining, there are tracks like "Ash Brume" that get all liquid and moody, mesmeric in a more mellowed-out way; and also songs equipped with eerie synth and other instruments - including what sounds like pan flute (?), delicate and doodly amidst the mungy grind of the endlessly repetitive "Into Radiation Wave", ferinstance. 
We suspect the mysterious Devil Worshipper to be a one-man-band (they're not the Devil Worshippers, plural, after all, plus pretty sure that's a drum machine set to trance-induction), a la the likes of King Blood and GR & Full-Blown Expansion, we could compare 'em to both, as well as such somewhat larger ensembles as Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Follakzoid and Monster Magnet - heck the track "Chemrails", with its uber-echoing groove and sheer distorto-plod, somehow sounds like the magical midway point between the latter two mentioned. Damn good for one guy, if that's the case, and another winner from the Holy Mountain label, who can be counted on for this kind of shit for sure. A solid slab of Satanic-psych blissout oblivion, just like we were hoping for!! 
MPEG Stream: "New Spirit World Order" 
MPEG Stream: "Lurker (Death)" 
MPEG Stream: "Chemrails"