I am in the midst of the biggest musical clean up in twelve years. Imagine cleaning up every unlabeled CDR you have and spending the time to file them or throw them away—actually I've been giving away a lot of this stuff. You haven't heard Kevin Ayers? Now you have...the soundtrack to this not-so-terrible job: 

Chubby Checker s/t CD [Underground Masters]—The psychedelic one! I seriously thought about to listening to Donovan after "If the Sun Stopped Shining" finished. How often does that happen? Like never..."Love Tunnel" is awesome too. Don't blame Chubby—blame the Dutch backing band. This is SO much better than I thought it would be. For real. 

The Walker Brothers "If You Could Hear Me Now" CD [Columbia]—What is it about a Tom Rush cover in the hands—mouth?—of Scott Walker that makes it cooler? I must be losing my mind because I listened to "We're All Alone" on this twice. OK one time it was skipping in a cool way. Memo to Walker Brothers compilers: would it be too much to note who does each vocal because John Maus b—l—o—w—s. 

I also had time to listen to the following: 

Yamashirube "Rinjin wa Uchu" 3"CDR [Subjective Spirit Sound] 

v/a "Schnäbbls" 7" EP [Yahoo Records]—"Their singer disappeared missteriously [sic] in the late 60's. The band still insists on their statement: In 1966 we've played two gig on Mars." 

Hank IV "Dirty Poncho" b/w "Symptomatic" 7" [Plastic Idol] 

Platypus "Ninja Monster!" 7" EP [Weird Dreams] 

The Fix "Vengeance" b/w "In this Town" 7" [BPT] 

Sun Ra "The Magic City" LP [Saturn/Impulse]—both sides! 

Square 9 "Tsunami 2. Up" LP [Majora]