Hubble Bubble s/t LP [Radio Heartbeat/Daggerman]—Shane White told me about these guys years ago. What a public service for these labels to have repressed this again. Are they hippies or are they punks? Fuck your box because this only falls into one called "great." 

Jorge Reyes "Ek-Tunkul" LP [Kollektiv]—What a baffling record. Reyes had this beautifully packaged CD on Soleilmoon or Staalplat when I worked at Subterranean and some weird prog/industrial guy bought it before I could check it out. Years later I saw this LP with some fantasy Mayan graphics and decided to pull the trigger. Sometimes it's a pre-colonial Mexican Pink Floyd, sometimes it's like a Miami Vice Pink Floyd. Sometimes I think with a clever description and a few references to Heldon or something like that I could make a couple of bucks. For some reason I don't think it's going to happen. 

Merrell Fankhauser "The Maui Album" LP [Reckless]—I have a sick addiction to the idea of something that I wish was more wide spread—tropical psychedelic music. I guess it's the untapped potential of the movie Rainbow Bridge that bugs me. Or maybe because it's so hot you won't know you're tripping. But what songs encapsulate this other than Hendrix's "May This Be Love" and "Back to School" by Royal Trux? What about this record's meeting flying saucers at the beach "On Our Way to Hana"? There's a "true believer" vibe to the Jerry Garcia infused jams here that's compelling like the second Mighty Baby minus the Forrest Gump on acid "life is like a Persian rug" introspection. I guess it's time to pull out that MU LP again... 

Ugly Things #26 magazine—Andrew Corbin: "It does everything an acid folk record should do: flutes flutter, guitars strum listlessly, percussion rarely outpaces the heartbeat of a coma patient, and the lyrics [...] are metaphysical." Is there anything else? 

The Late Severa Wires "Three Minutes a Second" LP [Highmayhem]—Kind of reminds me of old Deerhoof before they started getting into the Who and were a larger group with memebers who liked to say "Bayle" and "Pierre Henry" and maybe even "Parmegianni" every once in a while.