Witch "Lazy Bones!!" LP [Shadoks]—Zambian garage psych in the style of La Revolución de Emiliano Zapata or Four Levels of Existence—definitely not "African" sounding. Killer wah and lots of leads over simple rhythms with a rad "Zuma" meets Link Wray vibe. 

Sic Alps "Semi Streets" 7" [Skulltones]—I told you I was going to buy everything after I heard the one with the VW van on the cover. 

Los Llamaradas "The Exploding Now" LP [S-S Records]—Best new act of 2007? 
Who's Your Favorite Son God "Out of Body Diva" LP [KDVS]—Roland Woodbe told me that these guys sounded like the armadillo tank on the Tarkus LP. He was right!