Up-Tight "The Beginning of the End" LP [8MM]—A real scorcher. I never cottoned to these guys except maybe their track from "The Night Gallery" comp but this is absolutely fantastic. The opening track "Our own portrait" is a hypnotic fuzz/maracas jam that breaks down a few times but never really lets up. The following ballad sounds like something from the underrated Overhang Party 4 album. lt also sounds like something lonely teenagers could hold their cell phones in the air for. It is called "A Song for your pain".... Side two opens up with "The Destruction" which is so heavy and amazing it's like watching those squeegee Gerhard Richter paintings animated with this Axis-era Takayanagi as a soundtrack. The record ends with a bass line that sounds like it's from a scene from an old Star Trek episode where Spock has something on his mind. This is then shaped into a pleasant piece of Japanese space reggae. Cool Gator Rogowski inspired artwork too. I can't tell if my copy's ringwear is intentional or not—like tweaker jeans! 

Neil Michael Haggerty s/t LP [Drag City]—Buy this on vinyl and play side two first. It's really weird—it seems like the whole side is about seven minutes long. Then flip it and tell me that side doesn't seem like it's thirty minutes long. "Cosmic Slop" is the same way.