39 Clocks "Zoned" CD [De Stijl]—39 Clocks were a cool German psych/punk group who have records that were kind of hard to get back in the pre-internet day but letters did go back and forth and killer trades were made for stuff you couldn't help but trip over here. The sequencing of this is great—because it end with my favorite song "DNS" with lyrics about Nixon drinking Cuba libres. I love it when someone actually compiles the best of something and this really does that. 

High Rise "Psychedelic Speed Freaks" DVD [PSF]—I hate watching videos of bands. I just do. Maybe because I hate the sweaty bootleg video guy who goes to the swaps in SF. Either way I did pick this up because it's as close as a time machine as you're going to get and it has the only High Rise drummer that matters Yuro Ujie. Kinda short at 25 minutes... 

Jade Warrior s/t LP [Vertigo]—What a guitar tone! Almost as Ginn-like as T2 for me. 

The Inner Space "Agilok & Blubbo" LP [WahWah]—Probably the best soundtrack reissue since the "Saragossa Manuscript" by Penderecki. The jazzy soundtrack parts are great. Not so into the psych band jibber jabber for some reason. It's cool to see this all in one place after waiting for dribs and drabs of it to arrive via those killer krautsploitation comps from the 1990s. 

Kryptic Minds "One of Us" 12" [Swamp81]—I don't know what this kind of music is called. 

The George-Edwards Group "38:38" LP [Galactic Zoo/Drag City]—Imagine a better Stone Harbour that rocks sort of like the Italian Electric Frankenstein on Cramps. "Hypertain" rules like the first track from Vox Dei's "La Biblia." It seems to get more experiemental toward the end but not in a boring way with "Some Fun" being a prime Faust-like example. Who knew I needed this? Thanks for the record and keeping me out of the thrift store!