YaHoWha 13 "Magnificence in the Memory" LP [Drag City]—Nice comp of stuff and it looks like it's on Higher Key too—so respectful. The fractal zone escaped! 

Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas "II" 4LP+CD [Eskimo]—This is a pleasant listen and what not but am I out of line for thinking some of it sounds a lot like "Axel F"? Makes sense with Faltermeyer being a Moroder protegee. Life is ugly in a great way could we just run these tapes through the sewer so you can smell the foam in Ibizia? 

Sir Richard Bishop "The Freak of Araby" LP [Drag City]—These originals and covers of classic Egyptian and Lebanese pop remind me of Mickey Baker's similar work on standards by Cole Porter et al on his classic "Plays Wild Guitar." That's a major compliment. 

Lula Côrtes "Rosa de Sangue" LP [Time Lag]—Looks like a "troppo" drop out record half way between Jerry Garcia and reggae. Sounds like a hard rock os Mutantes in parts with envelope filtered Garcia lines. 

Shin Otowa "Wasregatami" CD [Super Fuji]—Had I never heard stuff like Crosby, Still & Nash I would not know that this is a Japanese version albeit with a Rallizes member. Not the best record of the week and not even close to the worst but there's no way to explain the middle. In English at least.... 

Brainbombs "Fucking Mess" LP [Lystring]—I can't double click fast enough to get a Mayyors LP so this is my salvation. Did these guys break up or something? "Stalker" is awesome—it's like a harder edged Leonard Cohen wrote it. 

Dizastar "Blues Reason to Live" 7" [Fractal]—Really great rock 7" by a band that was called Acid Mothers Temple something or other BUT wasn't the one with that prolific guy. I know—confusing and after hearing this I almost want to check out their other stuff but how would I explain it to my friends? 

Träd Gräs och Stenar "Homeless Cats" 2LP [Subliminal Sounds]—I'm kind of surprised that no one has taken it upon themselves to write about this or talk it up a little which is understandable due to "Ain Schvajn Draj" being so out of character with the rest of their records...I love this rhythm section but they sound kind of tight now but at least the plod is back. I really liked most of this a lot in spite of the somewhat factally art. I'll rewrite this and prove something to you.