J.A. Seazer "Tenjo-Saijiki Music Work Collection" 5CD [Disk Union]—The first two CDs of this collection contain the massively expanded full version of Seazer's heavy theater prog classic "Kokkyo Junreika" that pretty much makes this a must-have. And get this—the rest of this box is also of high quality. 

Onna "Katawa" CD [PSF]—Miyanishi Keizou is a manga artist who could have done the cover to the Ramighi album. He was also a huge Rallizes fan. If anyone out there has a copy of his comic "Dear Les Rallizes Denudes" from the March 1981 issue of Heaven please let me know. Onna recorded two of the most amazing songs ever spread over two sides of a 7" on the Cupid and Psyche label. Some time after that Kurihara Michio joined the group and there's a 2CD of that stuff on the Bloody Butterfly label that I used to see. While the 7" flat out glows new wave psychedelic vibes, the 2CD always seemed a little rough to me. Listening to it again now after hearing "Katawa" a few times, I like it but if you can't do Mikami Kan and "Live in the First Year of Heisei"-type stuff then you should probably add the 7" to your want list and pray it comes out again.