Crom "Hot Sumerian Nights" CD [Underdogma]—I had a friend who tried to convince me that Weird Al Yankovic was like Andy Warhol. While I saw where she was coming from I didn't totally agree. That said, Crom has succeeded making another tribute to metal, "Conan the Barbarian" and popular culture circa 1986 and it is edited together in such a way that reminds me of Faust or Xhol Caravan's "Mother Fuckers GMBH" meeting Buckner & Garcia and that riff from "TV Dinners." 

Necropolis "Working Man"/"Cocksuckerbastardmotherfucker" 7" [Columbus Discount]—The flip is the gem here. To me it sounds like Fushitsusha's classic "Koko" done up with some Pere Ubu frosting. 

v/a ""Obsession" 2LP [Bully Records]—Nice comp of obscure South American psych unknowns, two great hard rock tracks from India's Atomic Forest plus an Erkin Koray track. There's a bunch of stuff I've heard of but never heard here like Peru's Jean Paul "El Troglodita" and La Barra De Chocolate. Thanks!