Pearl Sisters "Soulful Pearl Sister Hit Album" CD [Shin Joong Hyun MVD] 

v/a "Aliens Psychos & Wild Things Volume Fore" CD [Arcania International]—Brent Hosier has always been a astute compiler of 1960s weirdness because he wasn't a garage Nazi, liked fuzz solos and a little bit of exploitation never put him off—and before this all he focused on was the state of Virginia. I would liken his detective skills to a robot wringing out a towel—there's probably nothing left. Now, with the help of others, Hosier's franchise has gone nationwide and hasn't suffered one bit. 

AC/DC "Ballbreaker" CD [Epic] 

Acnode One 2LP [Poo-Bah Records]—It's weird to live in Portland these days because there are all of these bands and their biggest problem is that they are filled with people who crave acceptance. In 1977 Smegma members Jusuk Reet Meet and Mike Lastra made the cassette reissued here on vinyl and it's so great to know that they really didn't give a shit what people thought. Absolutely beautiful release all the way around! 

Horace Andy "In the Light" LP [Blood and Fire]—Thanks to Jeff for pointing out thed psych guitar by Andy Bashford on this. 

Bee Gees "Rare, Precious & Beautiful" LP [Atco] 

The Everly Brothers "Roots" LP [Warner Brothers]—I've loved the idea of cosmic country ever since I saw the back cover of "Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde." Up there with the First National Band. 

Bang LP [Capitol] 

Keith Hudson "Brand" LP [Pressure Sounds] 

The Better Beatles "Mercy Beat" LP [Hook or Crook] 

Tranko "Neko 77" / "Mujam" 7" [The Great Pop Supplement]—Nice trancy Japanese sitar psych jams. Where's the 12"? 

Amanaz "Africa" LP [Shadoks]—Fucking Zambia! Who knew that another monster psychedelic record lurked in this land of hippos and copper mines. Right up there with Witch and the Tembo and deserving worldwide acclaim, this is the exotic psych scene I've been dreaming about.