Alèmayèhu Eshèté "1972-1974 More Vintage!:Ethiopiques 22" CD [Buda] 

Tarp "Yurt" 7" [Apostasy Recordings/Breaking World Records]—Great weird synth duo blur with an inspired psychedelic cover that reminds me of what Grux might do if he splurged for the 264 box of colored pencils. 

V/A "B-Music Cross Country Record Raid Road Trip" [B-Music]—Had you told me that far out psychedelic rock would be made cool by a bunch of British DJs I'd have laughed you out of the boardroom but it's true. Thank god there are people who will bend down for you and breathe noxious fumes and suffer through things called "car boot sales" to find incredible records that they actually share with you! It's a far cry from the days when psychedelic fatsos might make you a poorly duped cassette with intentional dropouts on them so you couldn't get any bright ideas. Usually they were so stoned they taped the same side twice. 

Voice of the Seven Woods LP [Twisted Nerve]—This dark blend of Clarke-Hutchinson Group, the Battered Ornamaent—I know that's s stretch but a good one in terms of "Mantlepiece"—Led Zeppelin "III" and "Stormcock" is about as fine a new release as you're going to hear these days. I hear they have a new 10" too. I need it. 

V/A "Waking up Scheherazade" LP [Ali Baba and his 40...records]—I have seen a lot of people go overboard over the years. You know the type—the guy with every Haino CD who likes them all including that Fushitsusha CD on Avant. Then there's the Boredoms people who have every OOIOO, Omoide Hatoba and Hanadensha CD not to mention kooky comps with an Eye penned scribble. I'm not judging because these people are more often than not my friends but sometimes you need to hold off. That being said, I can't take any more Turkish psych. The enormous amount I've already heard seems to be enough. If you bring me another record I'll listen to it but I am not going to go out and buy things just because they're Turkish etc. I was happy to get this because it's from other parts of the Middle East that I want to know more about in terms of rock etc. Listen to side B first and hopefully this will get the ball rolling on some of that Persian stuff that was written about in one of those B-Music zines. 

Kousokuya "Ray Night 2006.10.18" CD [Ray Night Music]—Excellent live Kousokuya CD featuring original members Mik and Takahashi doing extended versions of all four songs from the debut—and the CD bonus track—in extended form rounded out with "Yuma no Kage" and the unknown to me "Shiroikubi." Side two of "My War" begat the Melvins and whether you want to admit it or not the really out there Japanese stuff like this and Fushitsusha.