Cancel all friendships and slink into the arms of these beauties: 

v/a "Psychedelic Phinland: Finnish Hippie & Underground Music 1967-1974" 2CD [Love Records] 

v/a "Andergraun Vibrations! Spanish Hard Psych and Beyond, 1970-1978" CD [Hundergrum Records]—Mentioned this on vinyl a few months ago. This is sides one and two of volume one and side one of the second volume. I'll let you know if you're missing anything significant. 

The Moving Sidewalks "The Pre-ZZ Houston Roots" CD [Lone Star Records]—A nice fill in the blank disk for those of us who can't get enough Billy Gibbons in the monitor. If ZZ Top did a new version of "99th Floor" they would be SO freaking huge right now. Think about it. 

v/a "Thai Pop Spectacular" CD [Sublime Frequncies]—Yes! Music so great it makes you want to break into your local bar's juke box so you can add this so you could actually hang out there. Real party music for fun-lovers everywhere. 

Gerard Manset "La Mort D'Orion" CD [EMI France]—What happened? The previous CD from 1968 was killer and this is dull orchestration that Scott Walker wouldn't even think about twice. 

Orion's Beethoven "Superangel" CD [Universal Argentina]—Legit version of this Argentine psych mess. Parts of this really sound like a surfy-Chrome and rhythmically they are the Argentine Faust. It doesn't click immediately but it will later on down the road. 

Noah Howard "Black Ark" CD [Bo'Weavil]—My LP of this has fried eggs on the label. I always thought that was so cool. 

v/a "Papagayo! The Spanish Sunshine Pop & Popsike Collection" 2LP [Toytown Recordings]