(((Vluba))) "Hell Om, Hell Off! Hell You" CDR [Subjective Spirit Sound]—Witchy Argentine group who sound like they're piloting a ghost train full of sharks up into the mountains. You see the various sharks swimming in their tanks and stop thinking about their physicality and once that stops the flutes begin and it's like the third Blops LP meets Kraftwerk's "Ruckzuck" trying to raise Jack Parsons until you realize the sharks are ghosts too and the water was just an illusion. I wonder what Gilbert Arenas would do? 

Boredoms "Superroots 9" CD [Shock City]—As much as I like and "get" this stuff I really think that it would be great if it were slathered in excessive guitar solos or something like that. Think about it—the guitar player can stand on a stool in the middle of the drum circle and have all his moves jammed out by Eye a la Faust's pinball machines. So Faust meets John Williams remixed by Arthur Baker. I said it. 

Sapat "Mortise and Tenon" LP [Siltbreeze]—If I could write a book about how much time I have wasted listening to Z-grade psych records then I wouldn't have enough time to listen to very many Z-grade psychedelic records. I am happy to say that this is not a Z-grade LP but a prime example of five star, restaurant quality psychedelic rock. Much more organic and real feeling than most of what I've heard this year. I loved the 7" too and this is again making me reconsider my position on Mighty Baby's "Jug of Love." I can't believe that people aren't making a bigger deal out of this release.